Finding your true identity

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One of the all time best selling books is "Who are you and what do you want?" written by Mick Ukleja and Robert Lorber.  If you haven't had the chance to read this book, pick up a copy as it is an excellent guide for helping you find your true identity and bringing out the [...]

Take that “Leap of Faith”

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In the 1991 #1 hit song by Lionel Cartwright, “Take a Leap of Faith,” the songwriter offers his view of how to get through all of challenges we face in this complex and confusing society. That song has been embedded in my heart ever since it’s original release. Although the songs lyrics are written to [...]

The quest of a nation

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The truth that rings true....even today! It's been 65 years since Billy Graham wrote the book "Peace with God" but many of the foundational principals told in 1953 ring true today. Our nation is at a great divide.  We, the American people are searching for something greater yet let the customary standards of society [...]

Nothing is Impossible

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Nothing is impossible!! Even the word says "I'm Possible" Discover the Difference with banded 6•11 and change the impossible into the possible!  

What’s behind 6•11?

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Curious to what's behind the 6•11?  Interested in knowing what these numbers stand for?   To find out more, contact us for your first consultation on strengthening your business, your team, or your self improvement! Who we are! At banded 6•11 we blend both God's divine nature of the outdoors with faith based principles, and blend [...]