Take that “Leap of Faith”

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In the 1991 #1 hit song by Lionel Cartwright, “Take a Leap of Faith,” the songwriter offers his view of how to get through all of challenges we face in this complex and confusing society. That song has been embedded in my heart ever since it’s original release. Although the songs lyrics are written to [...]

Finding Satisfaction!

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Often and more times than not, we find ourselves searching for satisfaction that never seems to come while falling into the rut of life and the routines that we create each day.  And if you are anything like me, you will agree that the responsibilities and duties that we place on ourselves end up becoming the [...]

A New Kind of Year

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Each year, nearly half of all American’s make a New Year’s Resolution in hope for a better year than the one that just closed behind them.   Some of the most common resolutions include losing weight, getting organized, enjoying life, staying fit and healthy, and quit an addictive habit. Based on survey results only 8% are successful [...]

Focus on Tomorrow!

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As we head into a new year, now is the perfect time to create a personal development plan and pause to reflect on the road once traveled.  All the detours, roadblocks, and bumps that your life has been filled with...all those obstacles and challenges that you may have faced.  And although some of them may continue to [...]

Making Christmas brighter!

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Every year the Christmas season seems to spring upon us out of nowhere and catch us by surprise? And it always seems it's this time of the year that our jobs demand more effort and our household duties never end. Plus, if you have children, it adds yet another layer of stress. We try to keep up with the same Christmas traditions, [...]

Welcome to banded 6•11

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Welcome to Banded 6•11 where we are focused on finding your true purpose in life and bringing out the best in everyone. We can teach you leadership qualities and we provide life coaching and business consulting, combined with our faith-based principles, to create greater success for organizations, business professionals, individuals, teams, and families. Our goal is to help people [...]

The 12 Simple Days of Christmas

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We are taking the old holiday song and instead of 5 golden rings or two turtledoves, we are throwing in a more simple way of looking at the 12 gifts of Christmas this year.   We hope you enjoy this little twist!   12th Day – Twelve Disciples of Christ – A simple gift where through our [...]

Wishing you Merry Christmas!

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Wishing you happiness this holiday season and throughout the coming year. May this season bring comfort, peace, and joy to you and everyone you touch this year. Allow His light to shine through your giving heart as you brighten those around you!   From our family to yours…many blessings to you!