Project Description

Youth Adventure and Development | Multiple Events

Although building structures or building strong leadership programs in business is what we are about, it’s the building of bridges to the future generations that drives our passion!  Working with today’s youth and getting them out into the divine nature to experience God’s perfect design is what makes them become true authentic individuals that will lead us in the years to come.  It’s here where we focus on shaping young boys and girls to understand the strongholds that life puts on them and getting them prepared for the challenges they will face.

In a recent study, suicide is the second leading cause of death for ages 10-24. This same study concluded that each day in the United States, there is an average of over 5,240 suicide attempts by young people, grades 7-12.  It’s our purpose, our desire, and our responsibility to reach as many young adults as we can and do our part to help them increase their self-worth and help them take control over the fears that today’s culture is placing on them.