5 Traits of an Authentic Manager

5 Traits of an Authentic Manager

Leadership Style

There are many publications, books, or even training seminars that will each give you a slightly different perspective on a leadership style and the top characteristics a manager must display to lead his or her team to achieve great results.

And our list is no different. But, we believe that with these proven leadership style traits embedded in the heart of a leader, you can create world-class results in any business or industry. Of course, our list could go on and on, but we have limited it to what we believe are the top five critical characteristics of a truly authentic manager.

They are:

  1. Ability to coach, motivate and lead – In order to maximize your team’s hidden potentials and to build a united team, the leader must be able to connect with each individual and be respected enough to build a true coaching and mentoring process.

  2. Respect for the individual – Without respect, a manager will ultimately create nothing more than disgruntled employees who only act on exactly what they are assigned to do.

  3. Common sense – or in other terms, intuition. This isn’t something that is learned in books or in school, but something that is gained through experience. And believe it or not, the successful manager with strong intuition is usually the one who faced more failure than successes in their past.

  4. Self-control – Scripture tells us to seek this characteristic to live a peaceful and fruitful life, and it is so true for a leader. Having self-awareness, knowing your limits and knowledge, and being humble enough to ask for help and admit your mistakes will carry you to new heights as a successful manager.

  5. Moral excellence – Being morally sound or having integrity will build trust among your employees, peers, and your clients. Nothing is more critical than being grounded in your morals and never wavering from them. But, this can be one of the most difficult characteristics to maintain as a manager in the highly competitive business world. This is especially true when your competitors are willing to set morals aside, lie, cheat and possibly even steal in order to get ahead. Although it would be devastating to lose a sale or a new project, I promise you that by maintaining your moral excellence, it will pay off two-fold in the future.


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