Do Something!!!

Do Something!!!

Do Something!!!

It’s been a while since I have written and regrettably can only muster up the excuse that I lost the drive.   Of course, I chose to put my time and energy into what I considered more high pay-off activities such as my clients, my friends, and my family; but during the last several months I have to admit that I just didn’t find anything passionate that I felt compelled to share with you.

Today…that changed! 

To be honest, I have been stuck!  But unlike when you get your car stuck in the mud and become eager or even aggressive to free your vehicle and get back on the road, I had little desire to move.   Don’t be mistaken; I am not referring to my condition in a physical sense, but more in my emotional, interpersonal, and even spiritual sense.  Winston Churchill, who was Prime Minister for the UK in the 1940’s during Word War II, may have referred to this condition as his “Black Dog”.  If you study history or know a thing or two about Winston Churchill, you know that he suffered from manic-depression. Churchill was so paralyzed by despair that he spent time in bed, had little energy, few interests, lost his appetite, and couldn’t concentrate. He was minimally functional – These darker periods would last a few months, and then he’d come out of it and be his normal self.

Now, I don’t want to be extreme here, and probably shouldn’t have compared or attempted to label my condition to Churchill’s Black Dog, but in the smallest of senses, I was lost.  If we are honest with ourselves, albeit, we all can think of a time or two in our lives when we may have felt the same.

I am not attempting to portray that I have a cure for depression or even have any answers for solving these strongholds that life puts on us.  I am not even close to knowing how to anticipate when they will begin, how long they will last, or to whom this black dog may attack.  What I have learned, at least for myself, is that 90% of these conditions is due to my own lack of perspective!

Never Feed the Dog!

In the Andy Andrew’s book, “The Final Summit”, Churchill and Abraham Lincoln are discussing this black dog syndrome and as written, Churchill explains that in order to have good answers in life, you must ask yourself good questions.  Andrew’s further notes how most of the talking we do each day is with ourselves in our subconscious minds.   He states, “When we ask bad questions, our mind descends to a state in which we work to furnish bad answers.”   If we ask ourselves questions that have negative words such as, “why can’t I solve this problem”, we will answer ourselves with comments that are negative. Instead of asking “Why can’t I…” try asking “What is the best way…”

Just Do Something!

Again, this isn’t about solving the problem so many of us face each day where we struggle with depression, but rather about how to solve those times when we feel like we are stuck.  About those times when we find ourselves conforming to the standards of society or the rules of the job and feel like our worth is lost to the ages.

For too long we as a society have allowed fearful thoughts to dominate our actions.  We have shoved our hope, our wisdom, and our fears into the forefront of our minds.  We have paralyzed ourselves to even take a single leap.  When struggles come our way, we sink deeper in despair instead of seeing those struggles as a way to develop our strength, our courage, and our character.

Now, we might not be able to do everything, but we can do something!  We must act.  Instead of sitting on the sidelines, take the leap of faith and do even the things you would rather not do. Trust yourself…believe in yourself.   And most importantly, remember that indecisions limit God’s ability to perform miracles in your life!   As we have all heard before, make a decision and then make it right!!

Do it today for your family. Do something for your friends. Do something for your co-workers. Do something for yourself. Do something!


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