A Trusting Heart!

A Trusting Heart!

I’m sure you have heard of the statement “A Trusting Heart” many times in your life, and if not, maybe at least a variation such as “Trust in your heart”.   As I reflect on this simple, yet very powerful phrase, it makes me seek yet a deeper, more profound meaning of it. Although I am sure I have heard these three words used together many times in my life, it wasn’t until about a year ago when a special person in my life introduced me to them once again and helped open my eyes to how powerful this phrase truly is.

I could just jump right to the punch-line, saving you a few minutes of reading time so you could get on with your busy day. However, in order to provide the impact these words can have on you, I hope that you keep reading a little bit more and bare with me as I walk us through how these three little words can be so large in your life.   And that leads me right to the first point…. taking things for granted during the busyness of our lives.


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What does it mean to you?

At this point, it is almost assured that every reader is thinking about the emotional side of this statement.   When you hear “A Trusting Heart”, what comes to mind? For some, they think about putting their trust in themselves when faced with a difficult decision. Others may think of how the heart is symbolic of love and how we must trust the person in our relationships that they truly love us. Then others still may think on a spiritual side and relate the heart to God and how we must trust Him even through the most difficult of times.   What ever your first impression is of this statement, know this…it is the right feeling.   And that is what is so powerful about these words.   There is no wrong answer. There is no mystical definition to them or a big ah-ha moment.   These words will touch each and every person a little different, yet nearly every time will bring a moment of peace, comfort, or joy into your heart.

Taking it for granted

Stay with me as we continue to explore this powerful message.   Remember we mentioned above about the busyness of our lives and taking things for granted.   Let’s examine our hearts.   Do you take your heart for granted?   I would argue that for most of us (unless you are on a pacemaker, have heart disease, or survived through the traumatic experience of a heart-attack), that we all take our heart for granted.   It is the lifeline to keeping us alive.   On average, an adult heart beats 60-100 times per minute….every minute, every hour, every day for our entire life. How often during the day do you stop and check your heart to make sure it is still beating?   Very seldom I might guess.   Why? Just as with our breathing and every other organ in our body…we focus on what life has right in front of us; whether it be that critical assignment at work, getting the kids to their important event, or simply watching our favorite tv show at night. I could go on and on, but the point is simply this.   We do trust our heart…we trust it will keep beating so much that we actually take it for granted.   We don’t put any credence into it until it gets to the point that it needs our attention and starts beating faster, slower, or regrettably, stops beating at all.   And if that ever happens (Lord forbid it does), everything else we thought was important becomes an after thought as we are being rushed to the hospital.

Now, let me ask you this?  Do you do the same with your relationships?  The same with the truly important things in your life?

A Gift from above

I mentioned at the beginning that a special person in my life bestowed upon me this powerful message of “A Trusting Heart”. Now to be honest, although my best friend Amie shared this with me over a year ago, it didn’t come automatic. Sure, it was very powerful when she first shared it with me, but it has been the adversity in both our lives over the past year that it finally hit me.

You see, when this phrase first came into Amie’s life, strange things started happening. The symbol of the heart started showing up in her life and ironically, during the time when she needed it the most.   Whether it was stumbling across a rock that was shaped like a heart or seeing a car’s tracks in a snow packed parking lot that left the image of two hearts, God was sending Amie a message to trust her heart and pointed her to scripture where it says:

“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you, let not your heart be troubled, nether let it be afraid.”  – John 14:27

During this exact same time, I was also faced with focusing on my heart when I found myself in the hospital because of my extremely high blood pressure. I had allowed life to get the best of me while spending 60-70 hours a week a work, not eating healthy, and didn’t even know where the local gym was (even though I drove by it everyday to work). I was allowing my stress-filled life to wreck havoc on my heart.

I always found it interesting how at the exact same time, in two different people’s lives, in two different locations, we would be turned to a trusting heart.


So what’s the punchline?

To be honest, I don’t have one. But I will share this with you.   Just as important it is for us to never take our physical heart for granted, we must never allow the love, the emotion, or the spiritual sense of the heart to become second rate. Don’t take your relationships for granted. Don’t get frustrated when you have a pile of chores that are calling your name and your son or daughter wants 30 min of your time.  Don’t allow yourself to become so focused on the negativity of life, that you can’t find joy even when it is right there in front of you.  

We know that in 1 John 4, the bible tells us that God is love. And if God is love, then the heart is a symbol of Him.   His love will never fail us. His heart will never stop beating.   Through all the trials and adversities in our life, God will always be there for you and will always carry us through.   I pray that after reading this, God too will start revealing His symbol of the heart into your lives, just as He did with Amie and I, but if that never happens, know that it is there waiting for you to be found. Be intentional with your heart. Be deliberate with what you say and how you share your heart with others.   Trust in God and there you will find “A Trusting Heart”.


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