The Power of a Smile!

The Power of a Smile!

Over these pasts few busy shopping days of the season while the streets and department stores were filled with anxious people trying to get their last minute Christmas gifts purchased, I had one of the most pleasant and warming experiences. This experience wasn’t something new, but something that in the heat of the moment, when I too was hustling to get my shopping completed, stopped me in my tracks!

A Priceless Gift

As I was shopping for that last minute gift, I walked into, or should I say squeezed my way into a jamb packed department store. The lines to reach the cash register were backed up all the way out the door. It seemed that people were literally crawling on top of one other while angry shoppers were just trying to do the same as me…. get that gift, swipe their card, and get out of the store. It was then, that I received the priceless gift.

A young woman named Taylor, who was working in the store and with the biggest and most sincere smile, came up to me and said “Merry Christmas”. After a brief pause as everything around me seemed to become motionless, my heart warmed and my eyes began to glisten with joy. Of course Taylor proceeded to ask me if she could help, and did a fantastic job of it. Not only did she help me find what I was looking for, but because of her lovable character, ended up sticking with me the whole time and helped me do all my shopping in the store.

A Simple Smile

You see, it wasn’t the bubbly personality or the fact that Taylor helped me find everything I was looking for (of course that was awesome), but it was just that simple smile on her face when she approached me. She didn’t need to say another word or help me anymore as that smile stopped me in my tracks. You see folks, a smile of a young teenager changed my day!

A simple but profound smile that reminded me that no matter the circumstances we face in life or all the struggles we may face, we can always stop and give someone a smile. And that smile, when done from the heart, will speak a silent message that can change the world. As Andy Andrews so elegantly put it in his book, The Traveler’s Gift, “My smile has the strength to forge bonds, break ice, and calm storms”.

Choose Today!

So, whether you are in the boardroom, leading employees, selling a product or service, spending time with your spouse or children, or simply just saying hi to a complete stranger… smile. It’s a powerful gift and costs you nothing. It’s a gift that could not only change someone’s day, but might even transform his or her life.


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